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Производитель и Экспортёр

О Компании

All Zade Vital® products are offered to you with more than 130 years of experience and expertise of Helvacızade. Being among Turkey’s 500 largest establishments, Helvacızade Group develops innovative products which will support protecting public health and increasing health level. Products developed and manufactured at the Zade® and Zade Vital® R&D and manufacturing centers meet people in more than 65 countries in the 5 continents.

All of the Zade Vital® products are developed in cooperation with Ege University Center for Drug R&D and Pharmacokinetic Applications and their quality is tested by ARGEFAR.

Plants used as the raw materials of Zade Vital® products are manufactured on the 4.100-decare lands of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture. Plants are grown under control within the scope of Organic Agricultural Principles and GAP-Good Agricultural Practices and made available for manufacturing upon approval of the Council for Science of Zade Vital®. Products grown at Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Menemen Research, Practice and Training Farm and “Organic-certified plants and seeds” to be used in planting will have certifications within the scope of the Regulations on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Zade Vital® Series of Herbal Nutritional Supplements consist of 67 different types and 384 different products. The Zade Vital® Series of Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil have been developed in 5 different segments and in 9 different forms in order to provide the most ideal Omega 3 support to different age groups. With Zade Vital® Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Syrups, special tastes have been developed for girls and boys and adults for the first time in Turkey.

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