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Производитель и Экспортёр

О Компании

Its daily milk processing capacity at the time was 5 tons, while today, Sütaş has a total milk processing capacity of 3,600 tons: 1,200 tons in the Karacabey facilities, 1,400 tons in the Aksaray facilities, 1000 tons in the Tire facilities.

From 1975 onward, Sütaş has been operating with a focus on milk and dairy products only. Today, the company processes 800 million liters of milk per year in its four production facilities located in Turkey, Macedonia and Albania and offers 70 different products to its consumers. Sütaş is the leading brand of the Turkish dairy sector and is the preferred brand in three households out of four in Turkey. Sütaş employs 5000 people and ranks 51st in the ISO 500 list with 2.6 billion revenue.

Sütaş, through its "From Farm to Table" Business Model manages and audits all the process from the grass that the cows eat to the dairy products that reach the tables. As a result of this model, Sütaş operates in an integrated structure consisting of feed plants, dairy cattle breeding farms, dairy plants, education centers and application farms, waste water treatment and biogas production facilities. According to its regional export strategy, Sütaş export volume to the Middle East, Turkic Republics, North Africa and the USA reaches 13 million USD.

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