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Производитель и Экспортёр

О Компании

ETİ began its production in 1962 in a factory personally designed by Mr. Firuz Kanatlı, our founder and honorary president. Always being the leader of innovations in its sector and working to offer better products for its consumers, Eti has produced products that are both delicious and memorable on its journey of taste.

Eti has always been the leader of innovations in its sector, and produced chain of products that are both tasty and memorable. Turkey’s first high-fiber biscuit; the first ready-made toasted bread; first industrial type sliced cake; the first packaged tart; the first brand of gluten-free products the first packaged brownie have been delivered to Turkish people with their unique tastes, and become indispensable in a short time. Besides, “Children, I have a riddle” jingle created by the composer and songwriter Mr. Oktay Tem not only won the hearts of children, but also the hearts of the adults with its lyrics and music.

Eti have been granted many awards over the years with its innovative approach dominating the sector. It gave inspiration to many enterprises and improved the palatal delight of Turkish people. A new period began for Eti in 2003. TPM (Total Productivity Management) which Eti’s Founder and Honorary President Firuz Kanatlı called “a war of civilization” was adopted as factory management approach in Eti and new achievements were obtained. Thanks to its well-organized, meticulous and dedicated staff who implement this management approach, Eti won “TPM Awards” given by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance 8 times.

Eti’s achievements are not limited to TPM. Being first in “Capital Most Favorite Companies” list in biscuit and chocolate sectors in 2013 and 2014 successively, Eti employs more than 7.000 employees in 72 different cities of Turkey today. Competing in the world markets as one of biggest 100 industrial enterprises of Turkey with its innovative perspective and capability of developing its own production technology, Eti continues to add pleasure and happiness to life with its experience, high-quality, innovative and unique tastes.

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