Discover the Hidden Side of Antalya: Industry & Agriculture

Globally known as the center of international tourism, Antalya appears to be not only one of the most popular touristic destinations but an area of a rapid economic growth and development. This section displays latest facts and figures on the business development of Antalya, acknowledging its track record of success in agriculture and industrial production. Steady growth in agriculture and production draws international investors and corporations to Antalya. Business environment in the region considerably improved by an increase in agricultural output and industrial production of exported goods. Currently, Antalya stands out for its new production facilities, labor, natural resources and diversity.

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Industrial Production in Antalya

However, Antalya possesses not only best sand beaches of Mediterranean Sea, but resources and means for the industrial production. Among them, a ...

Agriculture and Livestock of Antalya

Mild climate and fertile soils of Antalya establish a unique environment for agriculture and livestock development in the region. Agriculture and ...

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General Information
Country: Turkey
Population: 2.364.396
Time Zone: UTC+3
Postal Code Format: 07x xx
Phone Number Format: +90 242
Organized Industrial Zones
Antalya Organized Industrial Zone
Chambers Of Commerce
Antalya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
Alanya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
Kumluca Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
Manavgat Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
Export Associations
Batı Akdeniz İhracatçılar Birliği
Free Trade Zones
Antalya Free Zone

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