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    Eselami is the easiest way to buy and import from turkey directly from the producers. eselami provides the best turkish products and delivers them to you.

    With the comprehensive e-export solutions we offer, we enable all manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, whether micro, small or large, to export worldwide.

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Eselami In Retail E-export

Eselami B2C

Do you want to sell your products to worldwide consumers easily?

Sign up to Eselami B2C, and start selling now.

Open Your Virtual Store

To sell your products worldwide, you need to open a virtual store first.

You can reach all the consumers worldwide by opening your virtual store and uploading your products to eselami.

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  • Worldwide Shipping


Upload the Products

Upload your products with visuals to your virtual store, and reach the whole world!

After opening your virtual store, you can upload your products with their photos there. high-quality photos that accurately describe your products will help you increase your sales.

You may also upload your products automatically using our api service. you can contact us about our api service by sending an e-mail to api@eselami.com.

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Start Exporting

Sell and ship your products on eselami easily and safely.

Eselami's partner logistics company takes the product to your customer's door on your behalf.

After uploading your products, your virtual store will be ready for worldwide consumers' visits. the consumer buys the product from your virtual store, makes the payment, and eselami ensures that the product is delivered to your customer's door on your behalf. all you have to do is to pack the product and deliver it to eselami's contracted cargo.

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  • Safe Online Shopping


Click now to open your virtual store in Eselami B2C.

Eselami In Wholesale E-export

Eselami B2B

Are You a Manufacturer or Wholesaler?

Become a member of Eselami B2B, promote your products to the whole world, and start exporting.

Are You a Manufacturer or Wholesaler?

Eselami B2B promotes your products to worldwide wholesale buyers using digital marketing strategies focused on the countries you target.

How does Eselami B2B work?

Sign up to Eselami first.

Choose one of the membership packages that suits you best.

Upload your products to the Eselami B2B panel.


Eselami B2B services

Your company and products are listed on www.eselami.com, which supports Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese languages.

Your products are promoted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, and VK in the specified languages.

E-mail marketing campaigns are organized to target verified importers in the relevant sectors.

Advertising campaigns are organized in digital marketing platforms such as Google Ads, Yandex, and Mail.ru.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done in order to target the appearance of products available for sale on the first page of different search engines like Google.

Apart from these, you can benefit from additional services offered by Eselami.

Marketing To Importers

Would you like to deliver your products to importer companies interested in your products?

Eselami organizes e-mail and digital advertising campaigns to promote your company and your products to verified importers on your behalf.

For purchase requests from abroad, you may send your shipments by plane or ship with eselami's special shipment service.

Marketing to importers is only one of the additional services offered by eselami. click to view our additional services.


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