Awarded Honey Production in Turkey

Honey Production In Turkey

According to the information obtained there are two types of honey: blossom and honeydew honey, which are usually affected by climate system and floristic structure. Growing 75% of all honey plants today Turkey is one of the top honey producing countries due to its genial climate and rich vegetation cover.

Running second to China with its bee colonies and running third to Argentina with honey production amount, Turkish honey grows into world brand due to export boom of the honey produced in last few years by high-quality bee colonies. The USA and Germany take place amongst the top countries importing the Turkish honey.

Using bee colonies that easily adapt to climate and flora and rich vegetation cover allow carry on beekeeping and honey production in almost all regions of the country.

Honey Producer In Turkey Are Busy As Bees

Turkish honey manufacturers produce sunflower honey in Trakya with Trakya bees, thyme and honeydew honey in Aegean region with Mugla bees, with Caucasus bees colonized in East Black sea region they produce chestnut honey awarded in various competitions all over the World. They produce sage, astragalus, clover, cotton and wild plants honey in Southeastern and eastern Anatolia with Syria and Iran bees, while in Mediterranean region with Anatolian bees they produce cotton and citrus honey. Except of that they carry on production of light-coloured blossom honey with Anatolia bees within the Anatolia region. In southwestern regions of Turkey widely spread pine trees and honeydew springs allow to collect 1/3 of honey production amount.

Awarded Turkish honey

One of the world-known sorts of Turkish linden honey is produced in genial climate regions, such as Trakya, Adapazari, Zonguldak, Hatay and Izmir when bees collect the thick nectar emitted by linden trees during the blossom in summer time. Having light brown colour this sort can be collected in amount of 16 kg by 1 bee colony. Thyme honey of light yellow colour is collected from thyme plant that blossom in the period from May till August in Central Anatolia, Kastamonu, Amasya, Bolu, Kutahya and Trabzon, Honeydew honey, that never turns into sugar, is collected from pine trees growing in Mugla and Aydin.

The special chestnut honey produced in Ayder and Macahel tablelands of East Black Sea region and highland honey produced in highlands of Southeastern part of Anatolia have a special market. Since the plants growing in highlands have longer blossom period bees can collect more essence and pollen. The chestnut honey produced in Artvin and highland honey from Kars, Erzurum, Bitlis, Mush, Hakkari, Agri as well Sivas and Kayseri in Central Anatolia are usually used for healing features due to rich enzymes theycontain.

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