Tourism and service industry in Antalya

A rapid development of tourism and service in Antalya made it the 10th most visited city around the globe, along with Hong Kong and New York. What is so special about Antalya, its nature and tourist facilities, that attacks travelers and visitors from other countries and cultures. Why tourists choose Antalya among all other destinations.

Outstanding growth of tourism in Antalya is determined by the list of important facts and characteristics of local areas. Moreover, those facts have a positive influence on the development of business activities in the region.

Crucial development factors influencing tourism in Antalya

Tourism and service industry in Antalya

Unique climatic conditions of Antalya make it a perfect destination for tourists all the year. A hot and dry summer turns into a warm and humid winter, with an average temperature of 18 °C. More than 100 blue flagged beaches with an average sea temperature of 17-20 °C are open for visitors.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments and sites of the Mediterranean region attract tourists interested in active cultural tourism. Many of them are included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Natural and biological diversity of Antalya: from mountains with endemic plants and rare species, mountain rivers, canyons, caves and waterfalls to marine lagoons with rare sea life.

Antalya is known for having the biggest number of the hotels (over 500), including 5 star hotels on its area. That makes it competitive in terms of accommodation and tourism facilities.

Along with different accommodation options, Antalya offers a wide range of entertainment sites, shopping malls and restaurants. Service industry and entertainment in Antalya is of high standards and developed infrastructure, where tourists are comfortable to choose locations, means of transportation and price range. Investment and a positive client experience orientation are the main success points of service industry in Antalya.

New trends in tourism

Tourism and service industry in Antalya

In 2017, about 7 million tourists visited Antalya. New fields of development and markets emerged. In addition to traditional winter, summer, cultural, religious, sea, yachting, sports and golf tourism, the following areas were distinguished:

Medical tourism with the treatment in various medical facilities in private clinics of Antalya. Oncological and dental profiles are of the special interest for tourists from different countries.

Congress tourism – hosting of corporate events and conferences, using congress and accommodation facilities of Antalya’s hotels and EXPO Center.

Ecotourism –  study of the natural landscape, collection of plants, living in rural areas.

Tourism and service industry in Antalya is booming, with a positive effect on the economy and labor in the Mediterranean region. Antalya undertakes 25% of the tourism in Turkey with even greater potential.