Export of honey in Turkey

In consequence of convenient geographical and climatic conditions Turkey produces various types of natural honey. Every year the country’s population consumes more than 1 kg of honey per person. Turkey not only meets its population’s need for the product, but also exports honey. Honey is produced in different regions of the country from the Northeast to the West. Highest production rates for honey products are registered in Mugla, Ordu, Adana, Aydin, Sivas and Mersin. In addition to its nutritional properties honey is popular for its curative benefits. Therefore it is widely used in drug manufacturing. Bees are very hard working insects, but bees affecting in Anatolia are noticeable for high tolerance to dry and hot climate.

Export of the Turkish honey

Turkish honey manufacturers offer their product for very favourable prices. Wholesale purchase of the Turkish honey in CIS countries increases year by year. Turkish honey manufacturers supply their products to Germany, Belgium, Sain, China, Northern Cyprus, Hungary, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. From 2011 to 2014 honey export increased from 1103 tons to 4964 tons. Besides, in 2014 number of honey-bee colonies amounted to 7 millions, while production of honey reached 102,5 thousand tons. Also in 2014 the country produced 4000 tons of bees wax. In 2017 Turkey plans to export 110 thousand tons of honey.

The sorts of honey produced in Turkey

The Turkish pine honey (honeydew honey) is the unique product of Turkish beekeeping being produced only in Mugla region. Pine honey is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals; also it is rich of amino acids and essential oils. It has black or dark green colour. The Turkish pine honey amounts to 92% of the sort produced all over the World.

75% of plants growing in Turkey are flowering plants; therefore the cheapest and the most widely spread sort is blossom honey. The citrus honey ranks second. It has mild flavor, original smell and delicate aftertaste. The sunflower honey ranks third and is collected by bees from sunflower plantings.

Chestnut honey produced in Turkey is the perfect antiseptic. You can tell it by its intensive brown colour and fine aroma. It perfectly cures scarves and wounds, as well as has favourable effect on blood-vascular system and stabilizes blood pressure.

Cotton honey produced in Turkey is perfect for cold-related diseases and inflammations. This sort of honey does not have any aroma. Its taste in analogous to the taste of peach jam.

Turkish honey manufacturers follow up all 4000 types of honey plants, growing all over the country, and move from one region to another during their blossom period.

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