Marble Production and Export in Turkey

Marble is the material used in creation of unique pieces of art and in design. Usually Turkish marble – proved itself as reliable and long-term material of moderate prices – is used for interior design.

Marble Production and Export in Turkey

Production of marble in Turkey lasts already more than 4 centuries. There are good reasons that Turkey is the top country exporting marble all over the World. Turkey exports its marble to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Iraq and many other countries.

Import of Turkish marble is widely spread within CIS countries. It is used for walls and floor facing there. The material helps create a luxurious interior design in service rooms as well as in houses.

According to General Directorate of Mineral research and Exploration of Turkey the country has marble resources enough for 80 or even more years to come.

Features and types of Turkish marble

Turkey, having more than 35% of worldwide resource, produces more than 250 types of marble with different characteristics and colours. The most popular types in CIS countries are Salome, Krema and various types of travertine.

The highest coefficient of production has been registered in Aegean region and Marmara Sea region, which is 90% of the whole country resource. Namely: Balikesir – 27%, Afyonkarahisar – 24%, Bilecik – 12%, Denizli – 8%, Mugla – 6%, Eskisehir – 4%.

Except of CIS countries Turkey exports marble to Europe, the USA and Middle East. The most popular types of Turkish marble:

  • Afyon sugar (Afyon Şekeri),
  • Chocolate travertine,
  • Supren,
  • Beige bilecik,
  • Kaplan Postu,
  • Denizli travertine,
  • Aegean Bordeau,
  • White manyas,
  • Milas Lilac, etc.

Marble Production and Export in Turkey

Afyon produces the biggest part of marble. There are 355 factories, 45 of them are large-scale factories. Within industrial zone of Afyon work 40 marble manufacturing facilities.

Marble production in Turkey is one of the most important sectors in the country’s economy as it has 5-milliard m3 of marble resources. There are 1500 factories, producing marble from more than 900 mine fields and 7000 manufactories.

Prices for Turkish marble

Turkish marble manufacturers offer the material for very moderate prices. Today Turkey is one of the top contries exporting marble. Turkish marble is the combination of high quality and good price. Besides, manufacturers offer wide range of the material – variety of colours, texture and other features. The material created by the nature with various colours and patterns is presented in our Marble category. For detailed information related to purchasing or import of Turkish marble visit our site: