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The Land of Beautiful Roses

Far away in a land of nature in a land of a shiny sun in a land of beauty and roses.

The Land of Beautiful Roses

Where the most beautiful roses are grown with passion. In a land among the four seas where the nature is wild and free. The most special roses are actually there for decades ago and still the best in the world. Nowadays we call this land Turkey which has the most beautiful nature. Great mountains are standing tall and water is passing by to create unique nature. So that we can find too many poems describing the beauty of this land and especially the roses.

Roses Production in Turkey

These very special roses can be indeed a great benefit to make products for many purposes like; Beauty and health besides flavors and hot drinks etc….

Beauty & Health

In fact roses products have proven great quality in terms of using them for beauty. As well as producing the greatest perfumes out of them. So that it says that good roses produce good products and vice versa. Of course due to the great quality that the Turkish Roses have.

Actually the Turkish roses also can be used for health issues. Throughout the history and till now the Turkish people use them to cure some diseases and to mix them with other herbs to get a medicine.

Flavors & Hot Drinks

The roses indeed have different flavors and uses so from this natural source the Turkish people produce many different flavors for many uses in their kitchens. We can use these flavors for making sweets and candies. And here is also another way to use these roses making hot drinks out of them is a great benefit for health and having hot drink with different flavor.

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