Industrial Production in Antalya

However, Antalya possesses not only best sand beaches of Mediterranean Sea, but resources and means for the industrial production. Among them, a well-developed transport system, seaport with customs control and free trade zone take special place.

Antalya Teknokent (Technopolis)

With the cooperation and partnership of Mediterranean University, Antalya Technopolis was established in Antalya in 2002. Technopolis as an organized research and business center to do research, develop innovations and transfer technologies from science, universities and developers to production companies. To achieve these goals, Antalya Technopolis stimulates and manages the flow of know-hows and technologies between universities, research institutions, companies and markets in IT, biotechnology, electronics and sustainability fields.

Industrial Organizations in Antalya

Industrial Production in Antalya

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) was established in 1882. Over 42 thousand members joined chamber by now. Chamber plays an active role in establishing and guiding economic entities in the Mediterranean region, by forming professional committees, participating in fairs and congresses, supporting importing/exporting of products and services in Antalya.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) was established in 1976. The number of active members increased up to 300. Main production fields of members: food, textile, chemicals, machinery / metal, plastic and acrylic, marble, timber, construction. Textile, construction, woodworking – furniture production, machinery, metal and energy production have already hit its highs over last few years.

Marble production assumed to be one of the most promising industries for Antalya. Currently, it’s mostly open pit mining and quarries. Extracted marble blocks and slabs are for export. On the other hand, one of the main target for marble producers is setting a new production of a processed marble with higher added value. Chrome, boride, aluminum and manganese are extracted in Antalya as well.

Among the most promising industrial production fields of Antalya, food, paper, plastic-polyester-acrylic production and production of chemicals and organic fertilizers should be highlighted.

Antalya Free Zone

Industrial Production in Antalya

Antalya Free Zone was established 1987, these days, 112 companies conduct production and economic activities onsite. Main production fields: yacht construction, textile, chemicals, medical equipment, machines, construction, electricity/electronics. Free zone provides member – companies with all facilities needed for production, distribution, delivering and storing products and raw materials, using port, customs and inland resources. That definitely cuts costs of the production and attracts investors and foreign companies to establish their local production units in Antalya.

There are over 3 thousand foreign owned companies operated in Antalya from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, UK, France, and Kazakhstan.

Industrial production in Antalya is experiencing a steady growth and upgrading. A constant implementation of new technologies and production methods provides cleared conditions for further profit growth and investing in the region.