Everything About The Dried Apricots!

Adult women are encouraged to one and one half cups of fruit everyday and males should have two cups. Dried fruits like apricots are a good source of fiber. So that we can include in a healthful diet as a fruit serving, with 1/2 cup of dried fruit equal to one cup of fresh fruits. These fruits can provide lots of vitamins and minerals, but beware: Calories add up very quickly.

Dried apricots provide small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They provide about 1,171 IU of vitamin A and 1.4 mg of vitamin E. There are only 3 mg of sodium per serving, making dried apricots a low-sodium food and a good choice for those with high blood pressure.

What Are the Benefits of Dried Apricot?

Constipation: the dried Apricots can be the solution for constipation, so eating 8-10 dried apricots with drinking much water can cure this issue without using chemical medicine.

Feverish Illness:

In some cases, people with high fevers take dried apricots as part of their treatment. That’s because apricots contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, calories and water that the body needs to help fight off fever. Furthermore, eating apricots may help detoxify the body, which can also help to bring a fever down.

Vitamins and Nutrients:

Apricots are a great source of plenty of nutrients, especially vitamin A. In fact, a serving of apricots has almost 20 percent of the daily value of vitamin A, providing a great way to get a significant amount of this important vitamin quickly and easily. Additionally, apricots also contain a good amount of vitamin C.

Other important nutrients found in apricots include dietary fiber, beta carotene, iron, copper and potassium. Each of these important nutrients play a role in helping to prevent or treat disease, illness or other health conditions. Meanwhile, eating an apricot is a great way to satisfy your hunger without consuming a lot of calories. One serving of apricots is generally only about 16 calories.

We Have to Pay Attention While We’re Choosing The Dried Apricot?

unfortunately not all the dried apricots are welldone in an organic method. So we have to be careful and to give some attention. While we’re choosing the dried apricots to the colour just to make sure that it’s organic and fresh.

we use sulfur dioxide to keep the orange colour of the Apricots. This chemical substance could harm the people and cause them asthma. The organic colour of the dried apricots is brown. That’s why we have to pay more attention when we take the dried apricots to avoid the chemical effects. As well as to get the great benefits of the dried apricots.

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