Antalya: Featuring New Business Opportunities

Antalya is the city of Turkey, located on the Mediterranean coast and world famous for being a center of international tourism. Over recent years, Antalya has attracted not only travelers and admirers of Turkish service, but top international investors as well. Conventionally based on the tourism, economy of Antalya is getting through rapid changes and developing in existing and innovation-driven areas. What are the main reasons for Antalya featuring new business opportunities?

General Facts

The population of Antalya is growing rapidly and according to the data by the end of 2016 reached over 2 million 300 thousand people. Over the past few years, the population growth has been determined by foreign migration and domestic labor migration in Turkey. A growing number of skilled labor choose to startup businesses and reshape their economic activities, rather than be employed by corporations in business centers.

The population growth of Antalya is a major reason for education system and healthcare services to develop accordingly.

Education System

Currently, there are 1,556 private and public schools, including international ones and five universities. The largest university so far is the State Mediterranean University. Universities and colleges open new branches and faculties so the number of enrollment is getting higher every year.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry of Antalya is experiencing a dramatic change. Both public health facilities, based on the medical faculty of the Mediterranean University and private clinics offer their services. Many healthcare facilities confirmed their international accreditation status in system JCI Joint International.

Development of the healthcare in the region determinates a new line of economic activity – health tourism,  boosting considerably and permanently over last two years.

Transportation and Infrastructure

A lot of big projects were launches in urban and public transport infrastructure of Antalya. The second largest international airport of Turkey is Antalya International Airport, with regular flights to all major international destinations – the map of direct flights is constantly expanding. Sea, road and rail transportation is operated to connect the capital of Mediterranean and main production areas.

Business Range

Among other regions Antalya stands out for its Port of Mediterranean and the Free Trade Zone with customs. Additionally, development of economic areas and successful business activities (commercial production and agricultural sector) gives a boost to the construction and engineering.

Also Antalya is a city candidate to be Turkey’s silicon valley. There are many startups that operating by digital media agencies and software companies. They are trying to solve Turkey’s and World’s problem with machine learning and other digital solutions.

Above tourism facilities and real-estate development, more investors choose to join big municipal projects. In 2016, EXPO 2016 Antalya was one of them, lately – a large-scale project of new port and associated areas of Boğaçay. Antalya happens to hit new highs, featuring new business opportunities and showing steady growth in main social and economic areas.