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Marble Production and Export in Turkey

Marble is the material used in creation of unique pieces of art and in design. Usually Turkish marble – proved itself as reliable and long-term material of moderate prices – is used for interior design. Production of marble in Turkey lasts already more...

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Everything About The Turkish Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is highly nutritious! One piece of dried fruit contains about the same amount of nutrients as the fresh fruit. But condensed in a much smaller package. As well as by the weight, dried fruit contains up to 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins and...

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Everything About The Dried Apricots!

Adult women are encouraged to one and one half cups of fruit everyday and males should have two cups. Dried fruits like apricots are a good source of fiber. So that we can include in a healthful diet as a fruit serving, with 1/2 cup of dried fruit equal to...

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Industrial Production in Antalya

Industrial production in Antalya trends to grow steadily over last few years. For Turkey, Antalya is an area of new business and production opportunities. Antalya is well known for its recreational resources and huge touristic industry based on it.

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Agriculture and Livestock of Antalya

Mild climate and fertile soils of Antalya establish a unique environment for agriculture and livestock development in the region. Agriculture and livestock production form a considerable part of regional GNP and employment sector. Crop production, livestock farming and livestock products in Antalya make 4.7 million Turkish liras in bulk GNP of Turkey.

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Antalya: Featuring New Business Opportunities

Antalya is the city of Turkey, located on the Mediterranean coast and world famous for being a center of international tourism. Over recent years, Antalya has attracted not only travelers and admirers of Turkish service, but top international investors as well.

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Tourism and service industry in Antalya

A rapid development of tourism and service in Antalya made it the 10th most visited city around the globe, along with Hong Kong and New York. What is so special about Antalya, its nature and tourist facilities, that attacks travelers and visitors from other countries and cultures. Why tourists choose Antalya among all other destinations.

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Tea Production & Consumption in Turkey

In fact the most popular Region by tea production is the black sea region in Turkey due to its wide nature and indeed to the fertile soil. So that for many decades it is still taking number one by producing tea and supply it world widely.

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Textile In Turkey

The art of textile in Turkey is very ancient and influenced by some other old civilizations like Arabian, Persian and European for sure. That great influencing was in the period of the Ottoman Empire.

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